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Creating a Paperless PAR-Q Online using the PAR-Q Creator

New Paperless PAR-Q Online Creator

You can now use FitSW’s Physical  Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) Creator to enable your clients to quickly fill out a Paperless PAR-Q Online. We know how important it is to screen your clients with the PAR-Q but we also know that it can take up a lot of time.  Previously we enabled you to upload hand-filled-out PAR-Q forms to save for each of your clients.  Now, we make the process even simpler and quicker.   You can do everything online and stored it for you to access at any time.  If you’d still like a hard copy, just hit the print button and you can print out the online version.  Below is a quick video on it (make sure you choose video quality of 1080p60HD in YouTube so that you can see everything) along with a quick walk-through on how to use the PAR-Q Online creator.

If you do not yet have a FitSW account you can access the online PARQ form to try it out.  If you do have an account, follow the steps below.

UPDATE: We have also now added a PAR-Q feature to our iOS App and our Android App.  More details here for iOS and here for Android.

Online PAR-Q Creator Walk Through

  1. In your Client List click on the client you would like to fill out a PAR-Q and then in the PAR-Q section click “Have Client Complete”.

    PAR Q Online Creator Personal Trainers Link can be sent automatically.
    When viewing a client, in the PAR-Q section: Click the “Have Client Complete” button to have a link automatically sent to your client where they can easily complete the PAR-Q online.
  2. Your client will receive an email with the link to their online PAR-Q.  They can then easily fill it out online.

    PAR-Q Online Creator Clients Create Paperless PARQ
    The clients will see an easy to fill out online form where they can quickly enter their answers.
  3. All the information your client enters will be saved as they go.  No need to worry about losing their work or progress if they are interrupted.
  4. You will be able to view your clients PAR-Q online anytime you would like from the Edit Client screen.

    The PAR-Q Online can be Saved, Viewed, or printed Anytime
    View or print your clients filled out PAR-Q anytime by clicking on the “Edit/View” link in the PAR-Q section of the Edit Client screen.
  5. You or your client can quickly print it out  by clicking the green “Print” button on the online PAR-Q form.  You can even click the Print to .PDF after clicking “Print” which will allow you to save the file on your computer as a PDF.

Simplify and Reduce Paperwork

Having every client fill out a PAR-Q has become much easier with FitSW.  Clients can fill out the form online whenever works for them.  It’s now also much easier for you to keep track of all these PAR-Q’s without having to worry about uploading documents.

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