Progress Pictures and Progress Tracking in Android App

Progress Pictures and Progress Tracking in Android App

We recently added the ability for trainers to use progress pictures and progress tracking in the Android app.  Personal Trainers can take progress pictures with their phone, save them, and then create side-by-side comparison images in the app. It’s a great way to show clients how far they have come and by integrating it into the app we make it easy for clients and trainers to do access these features on the go.  These features also work in a similar way on our iOS app as described in our post about iOS app photo comparison and on our website at as described in our post on website before and after photos.

We also added the ability to view Progress Data in table format in addition to the Progress Graph format.  We made this feature work similar to the way we did Progress Data Tracking in our iOS app.

Progress Pictures and Comparison Images

Personal Trainers and clients can access the Picture and Comparison Images using the “Pictures” item in the sidebar menu.  Once there, users will see two tabs: a Pictures tab and a Comparisons Tab.

Progress Pictures and Progress Tracking in Android App Screen Demo
On the Pictures screen, users will see two tabs. One for their Pictures (which is currently selected) and one for their Comparison images.

Progress Pictures Tab

On the Pictures tab, users can see a gallery of their existing pictures.  They can also click the plus button in the lower right to add another picture.  The app will prompt the user to ask if they would like to add a progress image from their phones image library or take a new one.  This new photo will then be added to the gallery.  Personal trainer and their clients can click on a photo to see a larger version or to edit it.

Before and After Comparison Images Tab

On the Comparisons tab, users can see a gallery of their existing Before and After Comparison Images.

Progress Pictures in Android App Comparison Image Tab
The Comparisons tab allows users to view a gallery of their comparison images. Users can also add new comparison images by tapping the plus button in the lower right.

Users can tap on an image to see a larger version of it or they can hit the “+” button in the lower right to create a new comparison image based off of images in their picture library.

Progress Pictures Comparison Image Detail view
After clicking on an image, users will see the Comparison image in a larger size. From there, users can save it to their phones photos to do whatever they would like with it.

Progress Data in Table Format

We have also now enabled users to view progress data in table form in addition to graph form.  In this table form, users can also edit values by clicking on an entry.

FitSW Progress Pictures and Progress Data Table Image
Progress Data can now be seen in table form. To update an entry, simply click on it and you will be able to change it.

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