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Workout Builder Improvements

We have just made several improvements to the workout builder on the website to make it even easier to build workouts. These changes to the website workout builder will allow you to build workouts faster with less scrolling and clicking. Last week we talked about our latest guided workout feature. Below we talk about new workout builder improvements.

Multi-Select Options

We have added multi-select checkboxes on the far left side of every exercise (see below image). These multi-select boxes can do two things right now.

  1. They can superset multiple exercises without having to scroll up to the “Superset” button like you had before. Just click all the exercises you want to turn into a Superset / Giantset and then click the blue stack button that shows up on the left.
  2. They can also delete multiple exercises at once which was not possible before. Simply select all the exercises you want to delete and then click the red trash icon.
workout builder multi-select

Add Exercises Anywhere in the Workout

If you are building a workout with several exercises, it can take some time to scroll up and down to the “Add Exercise” button. That is why we have added the ability for personal trainers to add exercises anywhere in the workout. You can choose to insert an exercise after the first exercises, before the fifth, or wherever you would like. All you need to do is just click the tiny green plus in the location where you would like to add an exercise. It has the same functionality as the regular “Exercise +” button except it allows you to choose where the new exercise is added.

workout builder exercise insertion

Expanded Exercise Notes Option

We try to keep the workout builder compact so that it is easy to navigate and simple to build. However, sometimes you need more room for longer exercise notes. So we added an automatic expand when you click on the exercise note field. However, some of you asked for an even bigger notes field. So now we have added an additional expand option. Simply click the blue square expand button seen below to give yourself more room.

expand notes for workout builder

Future Updates

If you have any requests to make building workouts even easier or faster please let us know at We would love to hear your feedback.

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