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Personal Trainer Notes on Calendar Feature

FitSW has allowed you to take notes on your clients in the client profile for a while now. You simply type in something like, “client seemed tired today” and the system will automatically timestamp the note and save it for you to have. These notes are just for the trainer – the client cannot see them. Well now, we have added even more functionality around personal trainer notes. You can now add these notes to the client’s calendar in the future!

That means you could write in a note to ask the client about XYZ 1 month from now. Or wish them a happy birthday, two months from now. And your client won’t see it and so it won’t clutter up their calendar.

Adding Future Dates to your Notes

Previously, any notes you added would just have the current time associated with them. Now, you can specify the note date. That way, your note will be added to the calendar at the specific time you would like to see it. You can either add notes directly on the calendar or from the Edit Client page (as seen below).

personal trainer notes

Adding Personal Trainer Notes Directly to Client Calendar

Even if you add notes from the Edit Client page instead of the client’s calendar, you will still see them on the calendar as seen below.

Personal trainer notes calendar view

As mentioned, you can also add notes directly from the Client Calendar by clicking “Add Note”. You will then see a popup that allows you to enter your note and then specify the date it should be added to the calendar on. See below for an example.

When you train several clients, it can be a lot to keep track of. This feature makes it easier to remember things going on in your client’s lives, bring up certain topics, or take notes on past or future training sessions. It is a great way for you to remember all the things there are to remember about each of your clients. It can help add that personal touch with your clients and show them you care about them. This is great for building trust with your clients which in turn is instrumental in keeping them as long-term clients. At the same time, it helps keep you organized.

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