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Personal Trainer Client Messaging in iOS and Android Apps

This past week we released updates to our iOS App and Android App that include the ability for Personal Trainers and their clients to send messages to each other. This Personal Trainer Client Messaging feature allows personal trainers to stay connected with their client to keep them engaged, on-track, and motivated. It also helps trainers stay organized and keep all of their business messaging in the app so that it doesn’t get lost in personal messages. For clients, the in App messaging also helps keep them focused and organized with their messages from their personal trainer being in the same platform as all their other fitness information.

Use Messaging on Web, iOS or Android

Personal Trainers and clients can use FitSW messaging to communicate no matter what platform they are on: the website, iOS, or Android all work even if the client and trainer are on different platforms.  Below is how it looks and works on both iOS and Android.

Accessing Personal Training Client Messaging in Mobile Apps

The Personal Training Client Messaging can be Accessed from the sidebar menu on android and the “More” button on iOS. If there are new messages for the client or trainer, the menu item will have a badge with the number of new messages as seen below.

Personal Trainer Client Messaging in iOS and Android Apps Messages Menu
The Messages item is in the More tab on iOS and the sidebar for Android. Above you can see there are 2 new messages as shown by the badge.

Personal Trainer Clients Messages Screen

Tap on the Messages menu item and the app will take trainers to a page that lists their clients.  Here the trainer can see how many new messages are from which client.  Underneath the clients name, they will also see the most recent message sent or received.

Personal Trainer Client Messaging in iOS and Android Apps Client LIst
This screen shows all the trainers clients, and the most recent message sent or received. The red square next to AC Slater show that there are two new messages from AC.

Messages Chat Screen

Click on a specific client. The app will take you to the Messages chat screen for that client.  Here you can read all your messages and send new messages.  Scroll up to read the older messages.

Personal Trainer Client Messaging in iOS and Android Apps Chat Screen
The messages chat screen shows all your messages and allows you to send new messages.

Personal Training clients will have access to a similar screen to type and receive messages to their trainers.  All of these messages are accessible on any platform: the website, iOS or Android.  The above images are for iOS but the Android platform looks very similar.

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