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Playing Guided Workout on iOS

Last month we added the ability for personal trainers to create a guided workout in the web application. These guided workouts are playable workouts that clients can follow along with. The app will display active exercise and rest times. We have just added the capability to play these workouts on the iOS app for personal trainers and clients. We expect to have this capability for Android next week.

Building Guided Workouts

You can quickly build guided workouts on the website. Another option is to use some of the existing workout templates we have created like “Body Weight Legs” and “AMRAP Full Body”. A guided workout needs to have certain characteristics and the workout templates mentioned above fit those requirements. Once your guided workout is assigned to your client(s), they can easily go through it.

Playing a Guided Workout in the iOS app

To play the guided workout you have created, your client can take similar steps on iOS to what they do in order to play the workout on the website. They can start by simply looking at the workout details page in the app. When ready, they should tap the “Play” button in the upper right (seen below) in order to begin the workout.

Play guided workout iOS

The workout will begin a 5-second countdown until it starts. It will also show a video of the exercise the client will start with. Once the workout starts, the client will continue to see the demo video along with a timer showing how much time they have left. Additionally, the client will see the workout that is up next down below in order to help them prepare. The timer will continue to count down and once it hits zero, it will switch over to counting down the rest time.

playing a guided workout

Your client has the ability to reset the timer by tapping the “Reset” button. Additionally, they can stop the workout altogether by tapping the stop button. Lastly, they can swipe down to close the guided workout.

The guided workout can be a fun way for your clients to do workouts on their own with your guidance. They can follow along with the exercises and the rest period in order to really get the blood pumping. Let us know if you have any other requests related to this guided workout feature.

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