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Searchable Exercise List & more iOS App Improvements

iOS App: Improved Searchable Exercise List, Progress Graph Creation and more

In last week’s post we walked about the new Customizable Workout, Progress, Diet & Task Menu but didn’t yet go through all the other new features and improvements we have been adding to the FitSW iOS app these past few weeks. The updates include many usability improvements like our improved searchable exercise list.  We have also improved the layout of the app and its screens and fixed bugs that will make it easier to use. If you haven’t used the iOS app lately, download the latest version and give it a shot.    Here is a little more info on some of the changes we have made:

Improved Searchable Exercise List

We have improved the layout of the exercise list so that the search bar is larger and the display layout makes it easier to find what you need.  Check it out:

Improved Searchable Exercise List
Improved Searchable Exercise List makes it easier to quickly find the exercise you are looking for.

Improved Progress Graph Entry

We have fixed the rare crash that was occurring on progress graphs, improved the layout so you can see more Assessments and also made it easier to quickly enter in your clients progress.  Just click “Done” to quickly move to the next Assessment field entry.

Improved Progress Graph Data Entry
Its now easier to quickly enter your client’s progress data with our improved layout for the progress entry screen.

Improved Searchable Food List Display

Much like the Improved Searchable Exercise List, we have also improved the food list layout.  We have also included Calories, Protein, Carbs, and Fats in the list so you will know before you add the food to your clients meal plan.

Searchable Food List Display
See macro-nutrient information right there in the searchable food list.

Additional Features

Above were must a few of the new features we have added.  We have also added features like:

  • Ability to create repeating Tasks
  • Clients no longer have to click their name in each menu.  They click the Workout menu and they will see all of their workouts right away.
  • Workout Detail layout improvements
  • General Usability improvements and bug fixes.

Keep the feedback coming. Our next iOS release will allow you to create supersets through the iOS app.



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