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FitSW has always allowed personal trainers to add notes to their exercises. We have just taken this a step further. We have implemented a new feature that allows the trainer to add a note directly to the exercise, not just when they are creating a workout. Or, in other words, exercises have a default note that will appear every time it is added to a workout. This new Personal Trainer Exercise Instructions feature is in the web software and in our mobile apps.

Old Way To Add Personal Trainer Exercise Instructions To A Workout / Exercise

Personal Trainer Exercise Instructions When Building A Workout Screen
Personal Trainer Exercise Instructions when building a workout

Previously, one could only enter notes when creating a workout. The personal trainer would have to enter the note every time they were creating a workout. Though they can easily copy workouts, when adding a new exercise to a workout, they would need re-add the notes.

New Personal Trainer Exercise Instructions Feature

new exercise notes feature
exercise note example

When adding or editing an exercise, you can now enter a permanent note that will appear every time you add that exercise. In the pictures above, we added “Keep your head up” to the Bird Dog exercise. As you can see, the text is now located underneath the exercise.

When the personal trainer adds this exercise to a workout, the note will automatically be entered. If a personal trainer constantly added the same comment to an exercise, they no longer need to. Simply add it one time on the Exercise List page and it will forever appear for that exercise. You can also add onto it when adding an exercise to a workout. For example, if you want to personalize the note for a client, you can easily add more sentences to make it specific for a client.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact our support email or view our help page.

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