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New Exercise Motion AI Metric Integration

The last few weeks we have mentioned our new Exercise Motion AI Analysis for two exercise movements. First, the AI Squat movement and second, the AI Single Leg Balance Test. Well now, we have integrated these features with our Metrics feature. That means you can save your clients movement analysis scores at the click of a button. You an also track them over time. While following your training program, these clients should make drastic improvements in their AI movement scores. Now that you can easily add them to their metrics, it will be easy to show them their progress. This will help to keep them motivated.

Adding Exercise Motion AI Analysis Scores to Metrics

After having your client perform one of the AI Exercise Motion Analysis, you will see the below screen. You can now click on the “Add to Client’s Progress Metrics” button. This will add all the data to your client’s progress history. Additionally, it will enable you and your client to easily track progress on their movement over time.

exercise motion ai data

After clicking the above-mentioned button, you will then see the below pop-up image on your screen. Here you can choose which client’s progress to add this data too. Additionally, you can also specify the date that the data should be recorded. Of course, it defaults to the current date. Finally, click the “Add to Metric Progress Data”. Subsequently, all the score components will be added to that clients progress metrics.

exercise motion ai metrics

Viewing Client Metric Progress

As always, you can then go to your metrics to view your client’s progress history. You will see a category automatically created called by the name of the AI Movement assessment that your client did. Then, within that category, you will see all the different scores for the components of the exercise movement. You can see some of these scores over time below.

exercise motion ai metric display


These data-driven personal training features are very important to keep your clients engaged and motivated. Another excellent aspect of these particular metrics is that a client can usually make quick improvements in their movement capabilities. Usually much faster than they will see results on the scale. So it’s a great way to show them progress even if the scale isn’t showing it yet. Additionally, we have made it as simple as possible for you to track this data without you having to even enter any numbers. It’s all pulled directly from the AI-generated report.

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