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There are many ways to handle personal trainer payment processing from your clients. However, all ways are not equal. Accepting via Paypal or check may work when you only have one or two clients but they do not scale very well. Once you have more than a few clients, FitSW really excels at making payment processing easy. Below we talk about how.

Why You Should Accept Payments through FitSW

Below are the key benefits of personal trainer payment processing through FitSW. First, let’s start off with an example. There’s no doubt that tools like PayPal can be handy. However, the truth is that it’s limited from a business perspective. Specifically when your business processes depend on scalable solutions to be profitable.

Scalable solutions do a lot of the work for you and automate the things that can be automated. For example, let’s take a subscription business like Netflix. There aren’t people going around checking to see if you have paid your Netflix bill and then shutting down your account if you haven’t. All of those manual tasks are handled by automated software programs.

In return, Netflix saves enough time and money so that they can focus on things like marketing and bettering the platform.

So, what would it take to run a subscription business while using PayPal? Well, we did the research for you and we have good news and bad news. The good news is you can “create a subscription” with PayPal. The bad news is I read through 3,000 words of help documents to figure out how and it isn’t pretty.

You have to embed custom code on your website and make sure everything is set up properly. Once you get past that, how will people cancel their subscriptions? They have to ask you to do it and you have to do it manually. Additionally, how will you attach automation to a PayPal subscription? You’ll likely need a developer…that can get expensive and take time to work with them.

In FitSW however, we have built all of that out already for you for none of those expensive costs. You can build subscriptions and your clients have a good place to go to manage their bills. Here are some more personal trainer payment processing benefits.

trainer payment processing


As mentioned, setting up subscriptions in FitSW for automated billing is simple. These subscriptions allow you to set up recurring billing with your client where you both just set it and forget it. It’s easier for both of you and is more predictable as well.

Integrated into Trainer Page

FitSW provides you with your own webpage where you can market yourself. You can specify all that is great about you and what your specialties are. Clients can make payments directly from this page. This removes friction from them purchasing your services because they don’t have to go to a different app and they don’t have to verify they have your email correct, etc.

Sell Multiple Services and Items

FitSW makes it easy for you to accept direct payments, and subscriptions, sell fitness packages, sell session blocks, or even merchandise. You can do all this through your dashboard without much setup at all. We’ve made it easy for you to create multiple ways of selling your services or products.

Track Everything in One Place

FitSW’s financial dashboard allows you to manage all client payments, track sessions, subscriptions, and more. Want to see how many sessions your clients have purchased and how many they have left? Just go to the Sessions tab. Want to see how many active subscriptions you have and when the billing dates are? Go to the Subscriptions tab.

Integrated into your Training Sessions

As mentioned, FitSW allows you to track sessions clients have purchased. When scheduling a new workout, you can have FitSW automatically deduct a session without you having to think about it. There are several more session and payment integrations like this throughout the FitSW platform.

Clear Payment Expectations

With PayPal you have to tell your client what to pay and when. They have to confirm your email address to make sure they are sending it to the correct person. FitSW gets rid of all these small extra things you need to do in order for your clients to pay you. It allows you to specify this one time on your trainer page to cut out the back and forth. Clients just go to the trainer page and purchase what is specified there.

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