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Personal Trainer Blog Site – New Feature Updates

We provide all fitness coaches and personal trainers that use FItSW with their own free personal trainer blog site. This allows them to share their thoughts, announcements, infographics and more easily with their clients and potential clients. We have recently revamped this feature to make it easier to use for both trainers and clients alike! This feature is even more helpful now in keeping your clients engaged with you. It also gives you a platform to share your thoughts with whoever you choose – whether it be your clients only or everyone. Some trainers have really grown their fitness businesses by blogging.

Starting Your Personal Trainer Blog Site

FitSW makes it extremely easy to start blogging without you having to mess around with WordPress, setting up a website, etc. You can get right to sharing your thoughts and growing your fitness business via blogging. The first step is to simply log in to your FitSW account and go to your profile page. There you can choose your own personalized web page address.

Custom Personal Trainer Webpage Address

This personalized trainer web page allows you to share information about yourself like a short bio, certifications, and more with existing and potential clients. It also helps you grow your revenue because it allows you to sell packages, sessions, and accept other payments right there on the webpage. FindTrainGain will also display this information in order to help you acquire more clients. Once this page is set up your blog will be found at the [address for your trainer page]/blog. So for the above example in the image, the blog is located at

That’s it! You are all set up to start blogging.

Posting on Your Personal Trainer Blog

Now that you are set up, it’s time to build up your customer base by creating and customizing your own eye-catching blogs. You can post text with a new text editor, include images, add links, and more. On top of that, you can choose who can see your blog. Do you want it available to the world as a way to get your name out there and acquire new clients? You can do that. Or do you want only your clients to see special announcements or tips? You can do that too. We give you the flexibility so that you choose who can see what post.

Personal Trainer Blog Site Posting

Some of our users use blogs to share special fun workouts with their clients only. Others post motivational videos for their clients and potential clients to see. Its really up to you. Of course, we also include all the capabilities to edit, delete, or add to posts whenever you want to.

How Do People View My Blog

All your shared posts can be seen at a page like (where you can choose something other than “FitnessFirst”). There is also a link directly to it from your trainer webpage. This makes it very easy to share your blog with potential clients.

Your existing clients can see your blog the same way, or they can view the restricted posts when they are logged in by clicking “Trainer -> Blog” in the navigation sidebar as seen below.

The blog displays your posts in a clean manner for your target audience to see. Your audience can even comment and react to your posts so that you can gauge people’s responses.

Personal Trainer Blog Site Viewing

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