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PAR-Q Android App – Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

PAR-Q Android App – Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

We have release several new features on our Android app recently, but one we wanted to discuss today was the PAR-Q Android app feature. Trainers and clients can both access the PAR-Q Screen from their tablet or phone.  This allows Personal Trainers to either:

  1. Have clients fill out the PAR-Q from the clients own device on their own time.
  2. Fill out the PAR-Q on the trainers own device with their client.

This flexibility lets personal trainers and their clients complete the PAR-Q the way that works best for them.  The PAR-Q Android App feature works just like the PAR-Q iOS App.

PAR-Q Android App Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire Access Menu
Access the PAR-Q Android App feature from the sidebar menu.

Saving the PAR-Q Data

As the personal trainer or client goes through the PAR-Q screen in the Android App, the information they enter is automatically saved.  The trainer or client can then access this PAR-Q information at any time.  The FitSW App saves all this information and helps trainers stay organized without having to carry around numerous hard copy PAR-Qs.  Every thing is safely online, accessible from the trainer’s phone or computer.

PAR-Q Android App Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire Fill Out Form
The PAR-Q screen includes the standard PAR-Q questions, general client info, and General & Medical Questions.

Printing or Saving the PAR-Q to PDF

Trainers can access the PAR-Q information that was completed on a phone or tablet cat anytime from the website. From there, the trainer can print out or save to a pdf.  The trainer just needs to click on the particular client in their client list.  Next, they click on online PAR-Q for that client.  The personal trainer can print this PAR-Q information in a nice looking format or save it to PDF.  For more information on how to do this, check out our post on creating and accessing the PAR-Q online from  

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