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Recently, FitSW announced its new Personal Trainer Exercise Demonstration Improvements. This added the ability to specify the difficulty level of an exercise. In addition to selecting the difficulty, you are now able to choose what equipment is needed for an exercise. This addition was fantastic for creating even more personalized workouts. However, it could sometimes be hard to find specific exercises because our database has nearly 1000 different exercises!

This is why we have just added a brand new personal trainer exercise filtering feature to our exercise list! You can now search for an exercise by muscle group, exercise name, level, or equipment! This makes is easier than even to find the perfect exercise for a workout! For example, if you want to find a workout that uses foam rollers, you now have that ability. Additionally, this feature is available on our web software, iOS app, and Android app!

Personal Trainer Exercise Filtering – Website

personal trainer exercise filtering website example
Filtering For Cable – Website

In the picture above, we searched the word “Cable”. After this, all of the workouts that use cables will appear. You have the ability to do this with any type of equipment, muscle group, difficulty level, or exercise name. To see all of the equipment you can choose from, check out:Personal Trainer Exercise Demonstration Improvements. It has a the list of the equipment you can filter for! You can also find a few examples of the equipment we use in the picture in the following section.

Personal Trainer Exercise Filtering – Phone

personal trainer exercise filtering phone example
Filtering For Cable – Phone

In the picture above is an example of how a user can filter exercises on both iOS and Android devices. All you need to do is click on Equipment and select the equipment that is used in a specific exercise! Once you click, “Done“, you will instantly get a comprehensive list of the exercises that use that piece of equipment. Contact us if you think we missed a piece of gym equipment and we will add it to the list!

When using the FitSW iOS or Android apps, you can search for multiple criteria at one time. Simply click on all the options you want to filter. If you wanted to find chest exercises that use dumbbells and are beginner level exercises, just click those options. It is that easy! Finding the perfect exercise for your workouts has never been easier. This enables the personal trainer to save even more time than before. No more scrolling through thousands of exercises. Just filter by what type of exercise, the equipment, the difficulty level and find the perfect exercise for your workout!

Filter For Nearly Anything!

With the new personal trainer exercise filtering update, the user can filter exercises based on nearly anything! If you wanted to filter for beginner workouts, you could! If you wanted to filter for difficult exercises that work the abs and use cables, you could do that too! The possibilities are endless! Go try it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

FitSW always appreciates feedback and comments on our software. So, if you have any feedback you would like to share, contact us. We are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and have our own support page. You can also send us message at Your feedback is vital to improving our software, so do not hesitate. We are always looking for ways to improve the amount of features and quality of our software! You can also comment on this blog article and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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