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iOS Personal Trainer App Design Updates

FitSW is happy to announce that our iOS app has been redesigned with a brand new look! We wanted to update both the look and feel of the iOS app. We also improved other aspects of the user experience. With this new iOS personal trainer app design update, we have updated every screen with new fonts and colors. With these new design updates, the app has a great new feel to it! If you would like to provide us with feedback on the new design, please contact us at our support email! Additionally, we are actively working with our designer to add even more iOS app design updates in the near future!

iOS Personal Trainer App Old Design

ios personal trainer app old design
Old Design of the iOS app

The picture above this text is what the app looked like previously. We decided it was time to improve the overall look and feel of the iOS app. If you would like to view more pictures on how the app previously looked, you can refer to the following articles (they include screenshots of the old app design): Personal Trainer Exercise Demo Video Updates & Tracking Personal Training Clients’ Workouts.

iOS App New Design

iOS Personal Trainer App New Design
iOS Personal Trainer App New Design

The new iOS app update includes updates to the font and colors on every screen. This is just the first of many new iOS updates that will be coming soon! We wanted to push a new look to the app and then implement more and more design updates as time goes on. If you have any suggestions on the design of FitSW’s iOS app, please do not hesitate to contact us! You can do this by connecting with us on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or support page! Additionally, you can leave a comment on this blog article! We will reply within a day or so!

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