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Tracking Fitness Client Progress Assessment Updates

Tracking Fitness Client Progress Assessment Updates

We released new versions of the iOS app and Android App recently that allow personal trainers to view all of their clients assessments in a convenient Assessment List.  This makes tracking fitness client progress for these Assessments even easier.  Trainers can customize the assessments for each of their clients or use the same Assessments for all.  We even added a Default Assessments list that the trainer can customize. Every new client the trainer adds will then automatically have those specific Default Assessments.  Trainers can track progress for any Assessment they create whether its Body Fat, Weight, Push-ups per minute, etc.  More details on how to enter progress are specified here.

Accessing New Assessment List Menu on the Mobile App

All personal trainers have access to our new Assessment List.  In iOS, trainers can access this in the “More” menu item. In Android, trainers can access this in the Side Bar menu.

Tracking Fitness Client Progress Assessment Updates Assessment Menu Item
The Assessment List is in the “More” menu on iOS and in the Sidebar on Android

Once a personal trainer taps on the Assessments List menu item, they will see a list of their clients along with an item called Defaults.

Tracking Fitness Client Progress Assessment Updates Assessment List
Trainers can choose which clients to view Assessments for or choose the Default Assessments which are automatically added to every new client the trainer adds.

Tapping on any client will show the specific clients Assessments.  The trainer can then Add / Edit or Delete Assessments for that client.

Default Assessments

The Default Assessments are automatically added to every new client that is added.  The trainer can edit or add to this list so that every new client added will get specific assessments.  This does not affect existing clients Assessments either – only new ones that are added will get the latest Default Assessments.

Tracking Fitness Client Progress Assessment Updates Default Assessments
The app automatically adds Default Assessments to any new client that the trainer adds. Editing Default Assessments will not affect existing clients Assessment Lists.

Adding Assessments

Trainers can add an Assessment for a client or to the Defaults by clicking the “+” symbol in the upper right.  The app will present a screen to enter in Assessment Name and Description.

Editing Assessments

Trainers can edit an Assessment by simply clicking on that assessment in the Assessment List.

Deleting Assessments

Trainers can delete an Assessment by Swiping Left on the specific assessment in the Assessment list.

All updates a trainer makes to their assessment lists will carry over to the Progress menu item. When trainers or clients go to enter progress data for a specific in the Assessment list, it will be there.  This makes it even easier for trainers to get setup for tracking fitness client progress.

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  • Tristan Muriera

    Where and how can I track 1 Rep Max for each client? I am using a different email here – I am Tristan’s assistant trying to setup FitSW for him to use. Thanks – Lynda


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