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Personal Trainer of the Month: Whitney Caison

Personal Trainer of the Month: Whitney Caison.

Our personal trainer of the month is someone who is the definition of a seasoned professional and not just in personal training. Having been in the Health and Wellness industry since 2002 she literally breaths health and wellness and brings a lot of knowledge to the table.

About Whitney

When I say seasoned, I wasn’t joking. Her first job was at a Golds Gym when she was 15. Since then she has taken the health and wellness industry by storm and I’m starting to think we may have to invent more specializations to suit her hunger. She has specializations in Barre, Pilates, Qualified TRX, Personal Training, and is currently working on a holistic nutrtion certification. Oh ya, and she has a degree in Exercise Science as well.

Working out with Whitney is not only guaranteed to yield fitness results but also for the mind and body. By now you may be wondering how she how she trains her clients. Lucky for you, she offers in person training and online. Sign me up!


Whitney Specializes in overall women’s wellness (nutrtion, interval training, and mindset). She incorporates a lot of different modalities such as, barre, Kettlebell, TRX, bodyweight exercise, belly dance, and pilates into her workouts. Did I forget to mention she was a professional belly dancer?

Our Interview With Whitney

How long have you been a Coach and why did you get started with coaching? 

“I’ve been passionate about health and wellness for a long time! I’ve been in the health and wellness industry since 2002…my first job was Gold’s Gym at 15 years old. I worked in alternative medicine for over 8 years. This was probably my biggest inspiration. I learned a lot about how lifestyle can totally make or break our health.

What we feed our mind, body and soul impacts us more than we realize. Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed many people who don’t understand how important this is until it’s almost too late. This has inspired me to encourage and motivate others to be the best they can be.

We can’t control life, but we can live to be the best versions of ourselves. Sometimes we just need accountability, motivation, and encouragement and I hope to be this for others.

 I have been training/coaching clients for 5 years now.”

What is your favorite part of coaching? And if you had one tip to give to new trainers what would you say?

“Motivating others and watching their body and mindset transform over time. The pay off is so rewarding! I love when my clients reach milestones. They do something they never thought possible and their face lights up the entire room. Or they talk about how good they feel and that they’re achieving things in their personal life they never thought possible.

When you’re dedicated and you put the hard work in, changes really begin happening from the inside out. They come in to lose weight and strengthen their bodies, but they get so much more…they begin shredding not only weight, but things that no longer serve them in their highest and best. They build not only muscle, but strength from the inside that help them achieve more.

They begin creating a life they dreamed of. They are happy, full of energy, and look great while doing it. I want to bring people together, not divide them. At the end of the day we all want to be heard, understood, and accepted. This is what I live for! This is priceless.”

Whitney’s Tip

“Always put in the work and be YOUrself. I have worked with a lot of trainers. The best ones are the ones who are down to earth, fun, dependable, encouraging, and CONTINUE LEARNING. 

Always learning. You can learn from workshops, books, and even clients. It’s important to give back to other trainers as well as clients. “The day you stop learning is the day you die”.

Instead of competing and comparing, create a community that supports and encourages one another…this includes the trainers down the road from you. We all have unique purposes and gifts. Encourage others, don’t tear them down.”

Wrapping Up

As of right now Whitney is working on putting together her online platform, growing it, and is focusing on continuing her education.

If you want to get in touch with Whitney reach out to her on instagram (@aspirebywhitney) or give a visit to her site (

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