Uploading Personal Trainer Forms Like PARQ and Contracts


Uploading Personal Trainer Forms Like PARQ and Contracts

In our web application at fitsw.com, we have now added the ability for uploading personal trainer forms in addition to the Personal Training Contract form.  Previously, we allowed trainers to upload filled out Personal Training Contracts for each client.  Trainers can save these online and access from anywhere.  We also allow Personal Trainers to save Online PAR-Q data on our website.  We have now given you another field where you can upload your own personalized PAR-Q form or any other type of form you would like.  I have highlighted this field in red in the image below.

Uploading Personal Trainer Forms like PAR-Q and Contracts
In addition to uploading Personal Training Contracts and providing an online form for PAR-Q, FitSW also allows you to Upload any other type of form you would like for each of your clients.

New File Upload Field Form / File Types

This additional upload field can be used for any type of file you would like to upload for your clients.  It could be your own customized PAR-Q if you have additional questions you like that are not on our existing Online PAR-Q form (which is based off of NASM‘s).  Or this additional upload file could be a release form, another contract or any other type of customized form that you would like to save for each of your clients.

How Do I Upload A Personal Training Form

Uploading a Personal Training file or form for your client  is easy.

  1. Login to FitSW.com and then click on a specific clients name that you would like to upload a form for.  FitSW will take you to the “Edit Client” page.
  2. Toward the bottom of the “Edit Client” page, click the “Choose File” button.  Then select the Form / File that you would like to upload.
  3. Click the blue “Save” button.  FitSW will save and upload your form.
  4. You can access this uploaded form at any time by going to the “Edit Client” page. Then click the “Exiting Upload” button.
  5. To overwrite the existing form, follow steps 1-3 again and select a new file to upload.

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