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Featured Personal Trainer Luke James

Congratulations to Luke James for being selected as our Featured Personal Trainer! Luke is a Marine veteran who believes that he is on this planet to better lives. Luke also enjoys playing rugby and is a great musician. He trains anybody from high school athletes to elderly men and women. Additionally, he trains any style from high intensity interval training (HIIT), to rehabilitation/mobility training & sustainment of life! Luke loves to face new challenges and believes that it’s never too late to start. Let him prove it to you!

“There is no obstacle too great that would stop you from achieving your goals!”

featured personal trainer luke james

Q & A with Featured Personal Trainer Luke James

1.) What is your favorite thing about being a trainer?

I love being able to connect with people on a different level, creating a relationship that is life changing. As a personal trainer, someone is trusting you with their health and body. That is HUGE! A lot of personal trainers underestimate their role. Its not just someone who is there an hour a week for someone to give guidance. You have someones future in your hands, their lifestyle change, how they think, act, & train. You could either be the personal trainer that makes someone never want to train again, or you can change their entire life. I love that role of what I do.

2.) What was the single most important thing you did in your first 6 months for your business and why?

The most important thing I think ANY trainer could do whether you’re starting out, or you’re a veteran trainer is to shadow other trainers. This it very important because every trainer has a different style. If you truly want to become a great trainer, surround yourself with other trainers so you can “get more tools for your toolbox”. This is what I started with and CURRENTLY do and it has completely changed my outlook and has been a vital part in the way I train today.

featured personal trainer luke james

3.) What is your favorite activity with clients to break up monotony?

I have avoided monotony from the very start just by making things interesting for my clients. I think of them as more than just clients. They’re my friends. I find what interests them and I make workouts that will both benefit them and also achieve the goal. Lastly, humor. I try to constantly be making my clients laugh, because that makes for a relaxed environment!

4.) What do you think are some of your most valuable skills that lead clients to enjoy working with you?

My most valuable skills are my ability to pull people out of their “shells” and also my well rounded training techniques. I’m always trying to make the sessions fun and as valuable as possible. I want people leaving with no doubt that they received the best training possible and had a phenomenal time doing so. I also am constantly studying the human body while I’m not training clients. I’m learning from other trainers, figuring out how different muscles work, so I can figure out the best way to optimize those muscles. Additionally, I put reason behind the workouts so they are not meaningless. I don’t just want my clients to become fit, I want them to understand how their body works.

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