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Instantly Improve Client Retention with PT Software

Improve Client Retention

If you’re a personal trainer, there are two major areas you need to focus on to build a thriving business:

  1. Getting new clients
  2. Keeping clients

Number 1 is harder than number 2, but only if you deliver a fantastic service that gets results, keeps clients happy, and makes them feel valued.

In this post, we’re going to look at how you can quickly improve your client’s experience when training with you, boost their results and make yourself look premium by using a professional personal training app.

That’ll make point 2 above easier, so you can focus more on point 1.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Why a professional app makes you look premium
  • Help clients stay on track with reminders and workouts they can complete by themselves at home or in the gym
  • Build once, use often: Create amazing workouts you can share with multiple clients
  • Track progress: Use the software to allow clients to track their weight, how many workouts they’ve done and inspire them to keep going
  • Ensure you reach out to your clients so they don’t feel left out
  • Use it as a free, value-add service that puts you one level up on your competition

OK, let’s get started…

A Professional App Makes You Look Premium

In today’s world, people have very high expectations when it comes to mobile apps and technology.  That is why we strive to make our FitSW iOS app and FitSW Android App as feature-packed as we can to make sure that it is as useful as possible for our users.  We also offer custom apps that allow you to combine all the useful features of the FitSW app with your logo and brand.

If you are able to deliver bespoke training plans to your clients in an app that is up to standard, that reflects very positively on you.

Your clients will feel better about you and your services, they will tell and show their friends your app and word will get around that you’re a cut above the rest in your area.

That’s a sure-fire way to get and maintain more clients.

Help Your Clients Stay On Track

A big challenge when working with clients is helping them change their behaviors when they are by themselves.

From eating better to getting more exercise in when at home or away on business.

An app can help you do all of that. And best of all, it can be done automatically. You can set up reminders to notify your clients that they need to complete a workout or make their healthy meals for the next day.

This means less time having to spend manually chasing clients through messages and a more reliable means of the client being held accountable.

It’s a win-win for all involved. And if it helps your clients stay on track, they will get better results.

Build Once, Use Often…Amazing, Reusable Workouts

Although you want to offer bespoke training plans to your clients, there might be some who are of a similar level and can complete very similar workouts.

With a training app where you can create and save workouts, this means you could use the same workout for multiple clients without having to re-create it for each person.

It can also be very handy if a client needs a workout to complete while away on business or at home over the weekend.

This saves you time, effort and delivers value to your clients. You can also easily build killer workouts which you put a lot of thought into, then share them anytime.

Tracking Progress With Your Clients

Every client will benefit from knowing how far they have come.

It’s quite easy to get stuck in the trap of chasing the horizon…meaning to always be looking forward towards our next goal.

However, it’s incredibly important to also take a look back from time-to-time. Looking at how far you’ve come can give a big boost to your mood and help motivate you to keep moving forward.

Tracking is one such way of quantifying what progress your client has made. Whether that’s using weight, body fat composition, waist circumference or photos.

What you use will be dependent upon the client, what they value and are comfortable with.

You can keep track of all these important measurements and points using FitSW Fitness Software features to ensure nothing is left to memory.

Photos are probably one of the best options because a visual reminder of how things used to be can be very motivating to your client.

Maintaining Contact With Clients & Improve Client Retention

You may reach out to your clients from time to time with WhatsApp messages or emails, which is great. But when life and work get busy, it can often be a tedious and time-consuming task that gets pushed way down the priority order.

Using software, you no longer have to worry about when you last contacted them because everything can be done from within the app.

You can direct message all of your clients from one place, see when you last spoke to them and ensure it hasn’t been too long.

Even just a quick, “Hi, I can see you’re working hard towards your targets this week. Keep up the good work” kind of message will work wonders.

Your clients will appreciate your thoughts and they’ll work harder knowing that you are keeping track of them from within the app.

A Perfect Value-Add For Your Clients

As pointed out already, using a professional and slick app will separate you apart from most other trainers.

You could offer all of your client’s free use of the app while they train with you. Then, if a client decides that they want to stop training 1 to 1 or take a break you could offer them a price for using the app only.

You can easily deliver training plans and meal guides with the app, so you’re effectively doing online training but with former clients who you know well.

This is a great way to maintain a larger client base without having to see every client in person. It’s a good option for those who are budget conscious, too.

You could even set-up a referral program where when a client refers a friend they get a free gift.  To help with this you can use things like business cards.

The options are endless in terms of promotional ideas to help expand your training business when you have software which helps you scale and remove a lot of the admin work.

To Summarize How To Improve Client Retention

Using a training app to help manage, motivate help your clients is essential to any personal trainer nowadays. It’s almost expected that you will use some kind of app to support people.

If you aren’t using one already, now is the time. Check out the feature-rich personal training app which you can start using today. It will help you improve client retention and grow your fitness business.

Author Bio

Robert Jakson is the owner of PT Pod, a personal training and massage studio in Canary Wharf London. He is also the owner of Minimal FiT, a personal training business helping time-restricted office workers get back in shape.

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