Fitness Coach Client Tracker Dashboard for Mobile Apps


Recently, we improved our mobile app Workout, Tasks and Diet Client lists by adding a fitness coach client tracker dashboard on each of these pages.  This is similar to the update we recently added on our web application at We discuss that client tracker dashboard on the web app here.  We have added this feature to both our iOS and Android apps.

Fitness Coach Client Tracker Dashboard For Mobile Apps
Fitness Coaches and Personal Trainers can now see a summary of all their clients Workout Completion rates in the Workouts tab. They can also see this summary for Diets and for Tasks in their respective tabs.

Tracking Workout Completion with Fitness Coach Client Tracker

This new tracker dashboard shows the percentage of workouts that each client has completed.  In addition, it also shows the percentage of workouts that have been marked as “Not Met” along with workouts that are “Open”.  In parenthesis, next to each percentage, is the number of workouts for each category.  This client tracking dashboard provides personal trainers with an easy way to keep tabs on their client and see how they are doing at a high level.  As always, the personal trainer or fitness coach can tap on the clients name and see specific workout details.

Tracking Diet Completion and Task & Goal Completion

We also added this fitness coach client tracker dashboard to the Tasks Client List.  Similarly we added it to the Diet Client List screen as well.  It displays the same completion bar graphs along with percentages and number counts for both Tasks and Diets.

Fitness Coach Client Tracker Dashboard For Mobile Apps Tasks Screen
The Fitness Client Task Completion Summary Screen is similar to the summary screen for Workouts
Fitness Coach Client Tracker Dashboard For Mobile Apps Diets Screen
The Fitness Client Diet Completion Summary Screen is similar to the summary screen for Workouts

Marking Workouts, Tasks, and Diets Complete

Marking workouts, tasks and diets as “Complete” or “Not Met” is still done the same way.  All you need to do is swipe left on the particular workout (or diet or task) while viewing the Workout list.  This will display a menu to the right where you can update the classification.  This post describes marking workouts, tasks and diets as “Complete” or “Not Met”.

Personal Trainer Website Updates


We recently updated the website with an improved layout and design for our users. Personal trainers, fitness coaches and their clients will all find the site even easier to use.  These personal trainer website updates make the site easier to use overall with:

  • Updated look that’s more interesting to use for trainers and their clients
  • Improved navigation to help trainers and client quickly get to where they need to go
  • New layout to make it clearer to see the information you are looking at.
Personal Trainer Website Updates Fitness Client Dashboard
Updated client dashboard view showing client list and their workout, task, and diet completion rates.

Personal Trainer Website Accessible from Any Device

FitSW has both Android and iOS apps for mobile devices.  However, our updated personal trainer website is still optimized so that it can work on any device – mobile included.  This way, clients can decide which platform they like best.  On the new website, the design and layouts of screens like workouts and meal plans will adjust to fit your device.  These adjustments will create an excellent mobile user experience for both you and your clients.

Personal Trainer Website Updates Fitness Client Dashboard Mobile View
When viewing from a mobile device, the view of the Client Dashboard adjusts to best display the information trainers and their clients need.

Personalized Trainer Profile Page

One of the page updates that we are really excited about is the new Trainer Page.  This feature allows personal trainers and fitness coaches to easily create their own webpage.  On that page, they can share whatever info they would like to with exiting clients and potential clients.  The new look presents a professional look to any clients or potential clients.  

Personal Trainer Website Updates Fitness Personalized Trainer Profile Page
Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches using FitSW can easily create their own Personalized Trainer Page for free in order to share information with current and potential clients.

On this personalized page, trainers and coaches can specify the services they offer along with locations that they serve.  They can choose whether to include Phone and / or Email.  They can also add additional information about themselves in additional sections.  These sections include: General Bio Info, Training or Coaching Specialties, Certifications and more.  There is even a place for clients to make a payment on the trainer page.  The trainer just have to have payments set up which is extremely easy.

Personal Training Client Workout, Diet, Task Dashboard


Personal Training Clients Workout, Diet, Task Dashboard

We completely revamped the first page trainers see when they login to – the Client List page.  We have transformed it into a dashboard where personal trainers and fitness coaches can quickly and easily get a summary view of how their clients are doing.  This personal training client workout, diet, and task dashboard provides summary statistics on each client.  Here is what this new view looks like:

Personal Training Client Workout Diet Task Dashboard
The Client List page has been redesigned to help trainers better keep tabs on all their clients at a glance.

Quickly Understand Your Personal Training Client’s Success

As seen above the Workouts, Tasks, and Diets buttons have been replaced by data to summarize how well your clients are adhering to the plans you give them.  If we look at these columns closer here is what we will see:

Personal Training Client Workout Diet Task Dashboard Columns
These columns summarize Workouts, Task, and Diet data on the new Client List page.

For Workouts, this particular client has Completed 78% of what his trainer assigned him.  The data shows the actual number completed in parenthesis (74).  3% of his workouts were marked as Not Met, and he has 19% that are classified as Open.  The green bar corresponds to the percentage complete, orange corresponds to Not Met, and grey to the percentage of workouts that are open.  Similarly, trainers should read Tasks and Diet Data the same way.

This new dashboard helps trainers understand all this information with just a glance so that they can quickly identify how to respond to how their clients are doing.

Dialing in On the Results and Creating New Workouts

Fitness Coaches and Trainers can then quickly go to the specific clients Workout list by just clicking on that summary data.  In the specific client’s Workout List, trainers can Add / Edit and Delete workouts just like before.   Same goes for Tasks and Diets.

Other Client List page Updates

In addition to the Personal Training Client Workout, Diet, Task Dashboard  updates mentioned above, we also made the following changes:

  • Moved Delete button out to underneath the Clients name instead of in its own column.
  • Updated the Messages button to an icon next to the clients name.
  • Created a separate Progress Column where trainers can choose to view Progress Graphs or Progress Pictures of a specific client.

Stay tuned for future changes.  We will be adding the Personal Training Client Workout, Diet, Task Dashboard graphs mentioned above to our iOS app and Android app very soon.

Personal Trainer Custom Web Page Updates


Personal Trainer Custom Web Page Updates

The personal trainer custom web page lets personal trainers have their own personalized page.  On this page, trainers can include info on themselves and their business.  They can include the types of services they offer, share selected contact information, display certification info and specialties, and accept payments all on this FitSW personalize web page.  Each user can choose their own page address: where pageaddress is whatever they want it to be.  More info on the personalize personal trainer web page.

We have recently added new features to this page including the ability to upload your own custom logo to show up at the top and a way to specify the country which you are based.  Below are more details.

Adding a Custom Logo to your Personalized Web Page

On your Account -> Profile page at the bottom, there is a place to upload your custom logo for your personalized web page as seen in the below image.

Personal Trainer Custom Web Page Updates Custom Logo
At the bottom of the Account -> Profile page, trainers can upload a custom logo to be used at the top of their personalized page.

Trainers just need to click the Add Your Logo Image and select the particular image from their computer.  As a result, their Personalized Web Page will be updated to show that logo at the top like this:

Personal Trainer Custom Web Page Updates Page View
Personal Trainers can upload their own logo to their personalized web page and it will be displayed at the top.

Selecting and Displaying Country on Personalized Web Page

If a personal trainer is doing in-person training, then they likely want to let potential customers where they offer services.  On the personal trainer custom web page, users can include their country.  In addition, trainers can also include the postal code / area so that potential clients will be able to find them and know where they are based.   Previously users could only select between a few countries but based on feedback from FitSW users from all over the world, we have now added all countries.  Users can select their country on our iOS App, Android app, or on our website.

Selecting Country on Mobile App

To select your country on the mobile app, go to the apps Profile Screen.

Personal Trainer Custom Web Page Updates Select Country Mobile
Personal Trainers can now select the country they would like to display on their personalized web page. They can do this in our mobile apps or at

Selecting Country at

To select your country at, go to the Account -> Profile page.  Then, you will see a field called country with a drop down menu that lets you choose your country.

Personal Trainer Custom Web Page Updates Select Country Web
Personal Trainers can now select the country they would like to display on their personalized web page.

Trainers can also enter their Postal Code / Zip Code to be more specific on their location.

Personal Trainer Workout Tracker Improvements


Personal Trainer Workout Tracker Improvements

We recently made updates to our personal trainer workout tracker that enable trainers and clients to classify workouts as “Complete”, “Not Met”, and “Open”.  This also works for Diets and Tasks but in the post we will discuss mostly how it applies to workouts.  These new update are available on iOS, Android and on our website.

Personal Trainer Workout Tracker Improvements Example
In our mobile apps, users can swipe left to classify a Workout, Diet or Task as Complete, Note Met, or Incomplete / Open.

Tracking Workout Completion at

To mark a Workout as “Complete” on the website, go to the specific users Workout page.  In the “Status” column you will see either a red square, green check mark, or orange “X”.  By clicking these, personal trainers and their clients can change the workouts Status to Open, Complete or Not Met.

Personal Trainer Workout Tracker Improvements Website
Click the 1st icon in the Status column of the workout list to change the status of the workout.

If you have email notifications turned on, trainers can be notified of workout completions or other status updates.  Trainers and clients can also click the word “Status” at the top of the Status column in order to sort Workouts by their status.

Tracking Workout Completion in our iOS and Android Apps

In our mobile apps, trainers or clients can swipe any workout in their workout list to the left and the app will display options like “Complete”, “Not Met”, etc depending upon which tab the user is on.  We have also added a “Not Met” tab in addition to the “Open” and “Complete” tabs we had before.  Now, users can see which workouts have been classified as Not Met.

Personal Trainer Workout Tracker Improvements Additional Tab
We have added a “Not Met” tab. Users can swipe any event to the left and choose how to classify the workout.

New Status Buttons on Workout Details Screen

We have also added “Complete” and “Not Met” buttons to the Workout Details screens as well.  Trainer and Clients will find this at the bottom of the Workout Details page so that they can mark the workout complete right there on the screen they were following along with.

Personal Trainer Workout Tracker Improvements Workout Details Page
At the bottom of the Workout Details Page, users can mark a workout as Complete or Not Met.

After the user clicks Complete or Not Met, the Workout is moved to the Complete or Not Met tab.  All the above features work the same on Workouts, Diets and Tasks so give them a shot and let us know what you think.

Tracking Fitness Client Progress Assessment Updates


Tracking Fitness Client Progress Assessment Updates

We released new versions of the iOS app and Android App recently that allow personal trainers to view all of their clients assessments in a convenient Assessment List.  This makes tracking fitness client progress for these Assessments even easier.  Trainers can customize the assessments for each of their clients or use the same Assessments for all.  We even added a Default Assessments list that the trainer can customize. Every new client the trainer adds will then automatically have those specific Default Assessments.  Trainers can track progress for any Assessment they create whether its Body Fat, Weight, Push-ups per minute, etc.  More details on how to enter progress are specified here.

Accessing New Assessment List Menu on the Mobile App

All personal trainers have access to our new Assessment List.  In iOS, trainers can access this in the “More” menu item. In Android, trainers can access this in the Side Bar menu.

Tracking Fitness Client Progress Assessment Updates Assessment Menu Item
The Assessment List is in the “More” menu on iOS and in the Sidebar on Android

Once a personal trainer taps on the Assessments List menu item, they will see a list of their clients along with an item called Defaults.

Tracking Fitness Client Progress Assessment Updates Assessment List
Trainers can choose which clients to view Assessments for or choose the Default Assessments which are automatically added to every new client the trainer adds.

Tapping on any client will show the specific clients Assessments.  The trainer can then Add / Edit or Delete Assessments for that client.

Default Assessments

The Default Assessments are automatically added to every new client that is added.  The trainer can edit or add to this list so that every new client added will get specific assessments.  This does not affect existing clients Assessments either – only new ones that are added will get the latest Default Assessments.

Tracking Fitness Client Progress Assessment Updates Default Assessments
The app automatically adds Default Assessments to any new client that the trainer adds. Editing Default Assessments will not affect existing clients Assessment Lists.

Adding Assessments

Trainers can add an Assessment for a client or to the Defaults by clicking the “+” symbol in the upper right.  The app will present a screen to enter in Assessment Name and Description.

Editing Assessments

Trainers can edit an Assessment by simply clicking on that assessment in the Assessment List.

Deleting Assessments

Trainers can delete an Assessment by Swiping Left on the specific assessment in the Assessment list.

All updates a trainer makes to their assessment lists will carry over to the Progress menu item. When trainers or clients go to enter progress data for a specific in the Assessment list, it will be there.  This makes it even easier for trainers to get setup for tracking fitness client progress.

Update your iOS and Android Apps to the Latest Versions


Update your iOS and Android Apps to the Latest Version

We recently released two big updates for the iOS app and Android app that add several features.  These versions will also increase the speed of the app.  Please make sure you and your clients download these latest versions found on the app store.  FitSW provides Personal Trainer Software for iOS and Android – both of these platforms were updated.

Since we have updated these new versions, the older versions of the app may exhibit some issues.  So please make sure you and your clients download the latest versions (1.68 for iOS and 1.66.3 for Android).

Get the Latest App Versions today to Eliminate Bugs and Use New Features

Prevent Issues/Bugs in App by Making Sure you Have the latest version from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

FitSW on Apple App Store

Personal Trainer Software for iOS and Android iOS App Store

If you are having any issues with the app, make sure you have the latest version of the iOS App from the app store. Older versions may have some issues.

FitSW on Google Play Store

Personal Trainer Software for iOS and Android Google Play Store
If you are having any issues with the app, make sure you have the latest version of the Android App from the Google Play Store. Older versions may have some issues.

Personal Trainer Software for iOS and Android

The new features we added work in both iOS and Android.  Some of the new features we added include:

  1. Improved Workout Results tracking
  2. New swipe to Complete workout, task and diet feature.
  3. New classification for Workouts, Tasks, and Diets called “Not Met”
  4. Added Assessment List with ability to update
  5. Faster load times of Exercise List and Food List
  6. Additional Food List foods and Exercise List exercises.
  7. Ability to schedule times to workouts.
  8. We will share more details on these new features and a few more in future posts.

Personal Trainer Scheduler Improvements


Personal Trainer Scheduler Improvements

We have added several usability improvements to the Personal Trainer Scheduler to make it better work with the Workout Builder.  The biggest one is that we now allow personal trainers to specify a time for their clients workout if they would like while they are building the workout.  The app / website then automatically adds the workout to both the trainer and client’s schedule.  This is currently implemented on our iOS app and our website.  It will be available on the Android app in two days.

If you haven’t used our scheduler before, there is more info on the basics and features of our scheduler here.  We also show you how to add a specific workout you create to your schedule calendar here.  Below we will show you how to do this in our mobile Apps.

Add Personal Training Workout to Schedule in Mobile App

Here is how you can add a workout automatically to your Personal Trainer Schedule Calendar.

  1. On the Edit Workout or Add Workout screen, you will see some text on the same line as the Date that says “Specify Time”.  Tap this.

    Personal Trainer Scheduler Improvements Specify Time
    Tap the Specify Time button to set a specific time for your workout and add it to you personal trainer scheduler calendar.
  2. Enter the Start Time and End Time and tap “OK”

    Personal Trainer Scheduler Improvements Select Start Time and End Time
    Choose a start time and end time.
  3. The time will then be specified for this workout.  If you would like to change the time, simply click the current times that you just set.  When you Update / Add the workout, the app will automatically add it to your Schedule Calendar.

    Personal Trainer Scheduler Improvements Times Selected
    You can now see the Displayed Workout time and you can change it by tapping the time again.

The personal trainer and client’s Schedule Calendar is now updated to show the workout that was added from 12:00pm to 1:00pm:

Personal Trainer Scheduler Improvement Calendar View
The app displays the Workout on the trainer and clients Schedule Calendar now.

Similarly, the website version of the Schedule Calendar displays this event as well.

Personal Trainer Scheduler Calendar Website View
The website’s version of the schedule calendar now shows the workout appointment on Nov 1st at 12:00 pm

As a result of the above, the workout list page and the workout details page now display the workout time.

Personal Trainer Scheduler Calendar Workout Details View
The Workout Details page now shows the optional Workout time next to the date.

Tracking Client Workout Results in iOS and Android


Tracking Client Workout Results

Comparing workout results with what was expected is a key component in any personal training relationship.  First of all, the personal trainer can gauge how a client is performing.  Also, it helps the trainer adjust future workouts to stay in line with a clients needs.  In addition, tracking holds the client accountable because they know their trainer is reviewing what they accomplished during a workout compared to what was expected.  In a previous post we discussed Client Workout Results Tracking on the web version of FitSW at We have now added this Tracking Client Workout Results capability to both our iOS and Android apps.  Its an awesome feature because it lets personal trainers and clients effectively track client workout results.

Here is how it works:

Workout Details Page

Personal trainers or their clients can enter results view their Workout Details page.  There is now a Results button on this page that either the trainer or the client can tap in order to enter workout results data.

Workout Details Page iOS App

Tracking Client workout Results workout details page
Trainer or clients can hit the orange Results button in the upper right on iOS.   They can then enter in workout Results data.

Workout Details Page Android App

Tracking Client Workout Results Workout Details Page Android
Android users can tap the “Enter Results Data” text highlighted in red in this image.

Entering Personal Training Client Workout Results

After tapping the Results button, personal trainers and clients will be able to enter workout results in text fields. The entry boxes are slightly different between iOS and Android.  However, both apps automatically save data as the user enters it.

iOS Workout Results Entry

After tapping the Results button, additional text boxes will display underneath the originally defined workout details.  These additional text boxes say “Results” in them as a placeholder, but will allow you to enter workout result data.  The app automatically saves data and the user can simply click the orange “Done Results” button when they have finished.

Tracking Client Workout Results Workout Details Page Results Entry
Text boxes show up underneath the workout details fields that allow personal trainers or clients to enter workout results data.

Android Workout Results Entry

After tapping enter results on Android, a new screen will come up. This screen shows original workout details and allows users to enter the workout results underneath them. Once done, the user can click the back arrow and the app will automatically save the results data.

Reviewing Workout Results Data

Due to the way results data is set up, is that users can review the data again by just clicking the result buttons.  It doesn’t matter if the client is using iOS and the trainer is using Android.  They both can view the data that was entered for results.  Tracking client workout results is easy from any type of device.

Personal Trainer Profile Page To Share with Potential Clients


Personal Trainer Profile Page

Recently we talked about how to update or create your Personalized Personal Trainer Web Page in our mobile apps. Now we have updated and simplified the way personal trainers can update this personal trainer profile page at   The two main updates are:

  1. Removed the old link for “My Page” and instead integrated the fields from that page into the “Profile” page.
  2. Created a separate “Settings” page where we put Automated Email Settings and Client Permissions Settings.

We have made it easy to update both of these pages by making the site automatically save information as you enter it.

Profile Page

To access the Profile page on, click the Account button in the upper right and in the dropdown click Profile.  On this page, you can update the traditional fields of Display Name, contact email, phone and password.

We have also added the Personalized Page section on this same page for Trainers to create their own Personal Profile Page at where XXXXXX is whatever the trainer chooses.  This page is helpful to share with potential or existing clients.  On this page, trainers can decide what information to share: services offered, country, zip (to help when clients are searching their area for trainers), General Information, Specialties, and certifications.  All of these fields are optional and the site saves data as you enter it.

The data entered here can also be shared with current clients in our iOS app and Android app if the client goes to the “My Trainer” menu item.


Personal Trainer Profile Page Profile Page
We have updated the Profile page to enable trainers to update their personal trainer profile page from there.

Settings Page

The “Settings” Page can also be accessed underneath the Account tab.  On the settings page, Trainers can set their Automated Email settings for both themselves and their clients.   They can set their client permissions as well. They can also Update Payment information and change / cancel their accounts.

This page also automatically saves changes – no need to hit a save button.

Personal Trainer Profile Page Settings Page
The Settings page lets clients configure automated email settings, client permission settings and more.

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