Personal Trainer Exercise Instructions – Website


FitSW has always allowed personal trainers to add notes to their exercises. We have just taken this a step further. We have implemented a new feature that allows the trainer to add a note directly to the exercise, not just when they are creating a workout. Or, in other words, exercises have a default note that will appear every time it is added to a workout. This new Personal Trainer Exercise Instructions feature is in the web software and in our mobile apps.

Old Way To Add Personal Trainer Exercise Instructions To A Workout / Exercise

Personal Trainer Exercise Instructions When Building A Workout Screen
Personal Trainer Exercise Instructions when building a workout

Previously, one could only enter notes when creating a workout. The personal trainer would have to enter the note every time they were creating a workout. Though they can easily copy workouts, when adding a new exercise to a workout, they would need re-add the notes.

New Personal Trainer Exercise Instructions Feature

new exercise notes feature
exercise note example

When adding or editing an exercise, you can now enter a permanent note that will appear every time you add that exercise. In the pictures above, we added “Keep your head up” to the Bird Dog exercise. As you can see, the text is now located underneath the exercise.

When the personal trainer adds this exercise to a workout, the note will automatically be entered. If a personal trainer constantly added the same comment to an exercise, they no longer need to. Simply add it one time on the Exercise List page and it will forever appear for that exercise. You can also add onto it when adding an exercise to a workout. For example, if you want to personalize the note for a client, you can easily add more sentences to make it specific for a client.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact our support email or view our help page.

Personal Trainer Exercise Demonstration Improvements


FitSW has always had Personal Trainer Exercise Demonstration videos. Now, we have added 2 new features to our exercise list. The first feature we added is that you can see the level of difficulty for a particular exercise. We also implemented the feature that trainers and clients can see the equipment required to perform a workout. Our exercise library has nearly 1000 exercises to choose from and have added the difficulty level and equipment necessary for every exercise. However, you can easily change the difficulty and equipment for any of our exercises. Likewise, you can create exercises that specify this now. In past updates, we added a search bar to our exercise list. Now you can search for all of the exercises that are beginner or require a specific piece of equipment. If you would like to find more exercises, check out this list of exercises with descriptions.

Personal Trainer Exercise Demonstration – Exercise Level

exercise list exercise difficulty level
The difficulty or expertise level column is outlined in red.

There are 3 different workout levels that an exercise can have: beginner, intermediate, or advanced. This includes every exercise that is in our exercise library. However, if you disagree with our difficulty rating, you can easily update any exercise by simply clicking on it and changing the value. You will choose the workout level when you create a new exercise.

Personal Trainer Exercise Demonstration – Equipment ID

exercise list equipment id
The equipment needed to perform an exercise can be seen in the column outlined in red.

In addition to the workout level, personal trainers now have the ability to select the equipment needed to perform an exercise. You can also select multiple pieces of equipment if you choose to. If you do not see the equipment you want, email our support and we will implement it as soon as we can. The equipment to choose from includes:

  • Ab Wheel
  • Agility Ladder
  • Balance Ball
  • Balance Board
  • Barbell
  • Balance Disc
  • Battle Rope
  • Bench
  • Bosu
  • Box
  • Cable
  • Cone
  • Dumbbells
  • Elastic Bands
  • Foam Roller
  • Glide Disc
  • Hurdle
  • Indoboard
  • Indoboard Disc
  • Kettlebell, Machine
  • Medicine Ball
  • None
  • Olympic Plate
  • Other
  • Pullup Bar
  • PVC Pipe
  • Resistance Band
  • Slam Ball
  • Smith Machine
  • Stability Ball
  • Stick
  • TRX Rip Trainer
  • TRX Suspension
  • Wall
  • Weight Plate.

Personal Trainer Exercise Demonstration – Search Bar On Exercise List

Additionally, you can search for exercises based on the difficulty or equipment they use. For example, if you would like to see all the workouts that in the beginner category, simply type beginner in the search bar. If you would like to see all workouts that require the Ab Wheel, just type Ab Wheel. This feature makes finding workouts easier than ever.

exercise list search bar
Example of searching Dumbbells in search bar

With this new update, your workouts and exercises are much more personalized. If you have a client that is new to working out, you can easily choose beginner exercises to ease them into it. Additionally, you can easily search for different equipment or workout level by simply typing in the search bar. Finding exercises has never been easier. Personalized workouts also just got a lot easier to create.

Personal Trainer Help Center – Android Tutorials

Personal Trainer Help Center Example Picture
This is what the Personal Trainer Help Center will look like on the Home Page

Recently, we put out blog posts letting you know about our new Personal Trainer Help Center and our iOS tutorials on the Help Center. We just added over 20 tutorials for Android devices, so if you are using your phone you can get step-by-step guides on every feature that FitSW has to offer! If you would like to see a new article be posted on our Help Center, contact us!

Android Personal Trainer Help Center Tutorials

FitSW has countless features, so understanding all of them can be difficult at times. However, we have you covered! We have added more than 20 articles on how to navigate through the Android app. We will constantly be updating and adding more articles. This means that if you do not see the tutorial you need, we will be adding it shortly. However, we can always give you personalized tutorials by email. The Personal Trainer Help Center guides for Android are for both personal trainers and clients. You can see all of the tutorials we added below:

Our Personal Trainer Help Center contains hundreds of tutorials and information about FitSW’s features. In addition, they contain walkthroughs for our computer software, iOS app, and Android app. We are constantly adding more tutorials to our Personal Trainer Help Center. If you cannot find a tutorial for a specific feature, let us know! You can contact us at anytime by emailing our support.

Personal Trainer Payment Tracker Update


Personal Trainer Payment Tracker Update

We have updated our personal trainer payment tracker screen. FitSW has had the ability for clients to pay their personal trainers for quite some time. Tracking payments was somewhat difficult though. It was previously done by clicking Your Payment Dashboard, which is powered by Stripe (the payment processing company that we use). You would be redirected to a screen that would show the recent payouts, the last 4 digits of the credit card number, and the date of the payout. For more info, see our previous post on how to accept payments from you personal training clients.

We have recently updated our personal trainer payment tracker on both our website and mobile app. This means that you now have the ability to see all the details of your clients payments. In addition, you will be able to see the client’s name that made the payment and have a payment ID for a specific payment.

Personal Trainer Payment Tracker Update – Website View

View for Personal Trainers

Personal Trainer Payment Tracker Update
Personal Trainer View – Updated Payments Screen

Above and below you will see the new and improved personal trainer payment tracker screens. In the previous version, the personal trainer did not have a tracker – they could only see payouts by going to their Stripe page. With the new update, you can view all the information about payments right from the website or mobile app. This is includes a brand new payment ID, the date of the payment, the clients name, and the amount that the personal trainer received. However, you still have the option to go to Your Payment Dashboard, but all the information on specific payments is on our payments screen now.

Personal Trainer Payment Tracker Update

Personal Trainer View – Updated Payments Screen (no text at top)

Client’s View

Personal Trainer Payment Tracker Update
Client View – Updated Payments Screen

Above is the view for clients on the new updated personal trainer payment tracker screen. It is almost identical to the personal trainers view, except for 2 distinct differences. First of all, there is no View Payments Dashboard option for clients. Secondly, they only have 3 columns on the personal trainer payment tracker, instead of 4 like their personal trainer has since all payments are only from this client. There doesn’t need to be a “Client Column”. Clients still have an option to pay their trainers at the top of their payments screen.

Personal Trainer Payment Tracker Update – Mobile App View

View For Personal Trainers

Personal Trainer Payment Tracker Update
Personal Trainer View – Financials Screen

This is the view of the new personal trainer payment tracker screen on a mobile device for personal trainers. It has all of the same functionality and feature of the website version. Not included in the picture is the text at the top of the about the payment dashboard.

Client’s View

Personal Trainer Payment Tracker Update

Client View – Financials Screen

This is the view of the new personal trainer payment tracker screen on a mobile device for clients. Most noteworthy, it has all of the same functionality and feature of the website version. Client’s can easily pay their personal trainers from this screen. In addition, they can view all of the payments that have made in the past.

Pay From My Trainer Page

Personal Trainers can also receive payments from their My Trainer page for clients without a FitSW account. If the client has a FitSW client account they should not pay here. Instead, they should login and go to the Payments tab to make a payment. That way, clients can track their payments on that page. In contrast, the payment feature on the trainer page is for clients who don’t have an account. Furthermore, this page allows them to enter their name so their trainer will know who the payment is from.

Personal Trainer Payment Tracker Update
My Trainer Page (scrolled down to bottom) – Payments

Personal Trainer Help Center – iOS Tutorials

Personal Trainer Help Center Example Picture
This is what the Personal Trainer Help Center will look like on the Home Page

Recently, we put out a blog post letting you know about our new Help Center. At that time, the FitSW Personal Trainer Help Center only consisted of computer help. Or in other words, you could only find tutorials/walkthroughs for our web based software. We just added over 30 tutorials on iOS, so if you are using your phone you can get step-by-step guides on every feature that FitSW has to offer! If you would like to see a new article be posted on our Help Center, contact us!

FitSW Personal Trainer Help Center – iOS (Account Settings)

The first category that we updated with new iOS tutorials was our Account Settings category. This is where you will find everything you need to know about your profile, general settings, our custom app, upgrades, and logging out/in. To view the guides that we added for this section, click here or click on one of the following guides:




Logout / Log In:

Personal Trainer Software Help Center iOS (Meal Plans & Nutrition)

We also updated our FitSW Personal Trainer Help Center Meal Plans & Nutrition category with new iOS tutorials! These tutorials help the client and personal trainer understand features for meal plan creation. It also helps them understand how to add new foods to their food lists. To view the guides that we added for this section, click here or click on one of the following guides:

Adding & Choosing Foods

Personal Trainer Software Help Center iOS (Training and Workouts)

Along with the Account Settings and Meal Plans & Nutrition categories, we also added iOS tutorials for Training and Workouts. This is where you can find everything you need to know about features related to workouts. To view the guides that we added for this section, click here or click on one of the following guides:

Training & Workouts

Personal Trainer Software Help Center iOS (Clients & Management)

The last category that we added new iOS tutorials to is the Clients & Management section. This is the section where personal trainers can find everything they need to know about managing clients. The Clients & Management section for personal training clients. This is where clients can find everything they need to know about various features of the app. To view the guides that we added for this section, click here or click on one of the following guides:

Managing Clients

I Am A Client 

We tried to add as many tutorials/guides as we could. However, if you think of something that is not on our Personal Trainer Help Center, let us know! We would be happy to add a new guide explaining how to do something or how to use a feature! Either leave a comment below or email us at!

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips To Help Your Business Grow


FitSW has helped tens of thousands of trainers manage their clients’ fitness over the years. Thus, we have had ample time to talk to many of these personal trainers currently working in the industry. To be successful as a personal trainer you need to have a growing client base. But acquiring new clients is becoming increasingly more difficult. So how do you acquire enough clients to be a successful fitness coach in such a competitive industry? In this article, we will be going over multiple different personal trainer marketing tips. We will show you ways to market & expose your fitness business to consumers and increase your client base. All of the personal trainer marketing tips we offer are free. This means you will not have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get recognized.

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips (#1) – Using Local Businesses

The majority of the personal trainers we spoke to acquired their new clients around their local area. You may be asking yourself, how do they do this? There are a number of ways that they are able to procure new clients in their area. First, many of them post their cards in coffee shops and similar businesses. This takes minimal effort and time and can get the personal trainer a few new clients.

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips Cross Referring Partnership

Posting your business cards in coffee shops is easy, though you will only get a few clients from this strategy. A much more important way of acquiring new clients is to form cross-referring relationships with local businesses. This includes the nutritionists, chiropractors/physical therapists, hair stylists, massage therapists, sport coaches, and anyone similar to this in your area. Reach out to these people/businesses and offer them a cross-referring partnership/relationship. The more referrals you give them, the more they will give you. This is a sure-fire way to grow your client base, while also helping out other local members of your community.

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips (#2) – Online Training & Referrals

Another great way to market your fitness business is to make a big announcement to all of your current clients. Tell them that by popular demand, you are now offering online personal training and are accepting new clients. After you make this announcement, offer all of your current clients a referral deal. Referral deals are when a client refers a new customer to your business, they will get some sort of discount. You will gain countless new clients and have income in your pocket for months to come with this method. In addition, you will also be helping out your current clients. Referral discounts save your current clients money, which will positively increase your relationship with them. To find out more information about how to set up a referral program, click here.

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips Referral Program

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips (#3) – The Internet Is Your Friend

One of the biggest things we found is that the internet can be a great tool for growth. There is so much competition in the fitness industry. So, anything you can do to separate yourself is crucial for the success of your fitness business. There are multiple ways you can increase your exposure with an online presence. The first of many online personal trainer marketing tips is to become known as an expert in a certain area. This can be anything from specific sport training, elder training, etc. This will increase your exposure when someone looks up a trainer for that specific fitness area. However, just because you are an expert in one area, does not mean you shouldn’t accept clients not in that group.

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips Use The Internet

Take advantage of other people’s internet success. If you can get a popular blogger to write a post about your business/expertise, that will be great exposure. Finding a blogger will not be hard. Simply reach out to a few people and try to get them to review your business. This not only increases your exposure, but can help your business in other ways, such as SEO.

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips (#4) – Using FitSW

We are always looking to help personal trainers, fitness professionals, and gyms grow their client base. If you have a subject you want to cover for our blog, we would be happy to post it! We would give you full credit for the article, post all of your information about your business, and cross post it to all of our social media sites!

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips FitSW Helps Personal Trainers

We also offer our “Trainer of the Month” (example: Featured Personal Trainer Channell Holmgren) program. In this monthly post, we choose one trainer to feature and post all of the information they would like us to share. FitSW also posts every blog post we make to social media, so it will be very good exposure! If you would like to be our featured personal trainer of the month, contact!

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips – Conclusion

We wanted to give you some personal trainer marketing tips because growing your client base it important to growing your business. Using local people and businesses can help out tremendously. Also, starting a referral deal with your current clients could bring in a lot more clients and could exponentially grow your business. Finally, try to get someone (like FitSW) to post something about your company on their blog. This is very good exposure and will at least bring more attention to your company.

Personal Training Studio Management in Mobile App


Personal training studio management is a key component of FitSW software. Studio managers have been able to manage all of their trainers, clients, and settings at for while now. Managers can add new personal trainer accounts edit trainer accounts, view all clients in the gym. Studio Managers can even view or edit which client is assigned to which personal trainer or fitness coach. Gym Managers can even login as a specific trainer from their trainer dashboard. They can see everything the trainer sees including workout, progress, and goal data for the trainers clients.

Personal Training Studio Management Mobile App Web Screen
Website View of a Studio / Gym account. Studio managers can add / edit / view all trainer accounts. They can even login as a specific trainer directly from this dashboard to view specific client information managed by that trainer.

Recently we also added the Personal Training Studio Management capabilities to both our iOS App and Android App. When logging in with a Studio Manager account, users will see different screens than if logged in as a trainer. We will describe these Gym and Studio Manager features below.

Adding, Editing, and Viewing Personal Trainers

The first tab Studio Managers will see is the “Trainers” tab. In this tab studio managers can add new trainers or delete old ones. Managers can also edit or view all personal trainers or fitness coaches associated with their account. The manager can tap on a trainer to pull up more details on that trainer. From that screen they can contact the trainer or change their account login. They can even do things like add details on trainer specialties or certifications.

Personal Training Studio Management Mobile App Trainer List Screen
The Trainers tab lets you Add New trainers, edit or view existing trainers and more.

Managing Clients as a Personal Training Studio

The next tab over is the “Clients” tab. This tab lets you view all clients that are members of your studio or gym. Gym Managers can also see the assigned personal trainer or fitness coach for each client. Tapping on a client lets the studio manager update client information including their assigned trainer.

Personal Training Studio Management Mobile App Client List
Studio Account can view and edit all clients that belong to their gym in the “Clients” screen. They can also change the trainer each client is assigned to.

Managing Default Assessments Assigned to All Clients

Gym and Studio Manager accounts also include an assessment screen in the mobile app. This is particularly useful if a studio has standard Assessments that they measure for all their clients. Rather than each trainer entering these particular Assessments, the app automatically adds the default list to all new studio trainers. So if a studio had 30 different Assessments they measure for all clients, they could enter these one time here. Every new studio trainer will automatically have this list of Assessments rather than having to enter it themselves.

Personal Training Studio Management Mobile App Assessment LIst
Gym and Studio accounts can define default assessments that will automatically be put into a trainer’s assessment list. This way, the trainer doesn’t have to enter it themselves.

Above are just a few of the key features that make Personal Training Studio Management easy in the FitSW app. Studio and Gym accounts also have access to several of our standard screens like the Timer, Profile, Financials, Account, etc.

Personal Trainer Software Help – New Support Center


We just added an awesome new Help and Support center. This personal trainer software help center will guide both clients and trainers through various aspects of our app and software. Our guides include everything trainers and clients need to know about using FitSW. We have also added a FAQ. This FAQ is for FitSW’s current users and contains much more specific questions about our software. In addition, our new help center also has a community section. This is where trainers and clients can post features they would like to see integrated into the software. In addition, they can also post general discussions about FitSW.

Visit our personal trainer software help center:

Personal Trainer Software Help Center

Personal Trainer Software Help Center
The Homepage of the Help Center

Our new help center has everything that both personal trainers and clients need to know about our software. Examples of the guides our help center has are: how to add a new food to your food list, how to add new tasks for your clients, and how to change your profile picture. We also have tutorials for clients that need assistance figuring out how to use the software. These guides offer all of the information you will need to successfully understand FitSW’s features.

FAQ & Announcements

The personal trainer software help center has a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for personal trainers and clients. This is where users of FitSW will find technical questions that arise when using the software. Included with the FAQ question is the Announcements category. This is where users will find information about important announcements that FitSW has. If you have a technical question and do not see it on our FAQ, let us know! We would be happy to both answer and add your question to the FAQ.

Personal Trainer Community

Personal trainer software help community page
This is the FItSW Community page component of the Personal Trainer Software Help Center.

The help center also includes a community section. This is where users can tell FitSW about features they would like to see become implemented into the software. Additionally, there is a general discussion board for trainers and clients to speak about what is on their mind.

Personal Trainer Exercise Demo Video Updates


Recently we have released several updates to our Exercise List and Food List features for our iOS app, Android App, and our website. We have added the Exercise List and Food List display screens to Client accounts. Secondly, we have added the ability to see the personal trainer exercise demo video on the edit exercise screen. Additionally, we have added a new way to enter exercises and foods on the website among other things. Below are more details on these updates.

Exercise List and Food List For Personal Trainer Clients

In our latest app releases, we added the Exercise List and Food List screens. Previously only trainers could see these screens but now clients can as well. Unlike trainers, clients do not have the ability to update the exercise list or food list in our mobile apps. Specifically, clients can not add, edit or delete foods or exercises in these list in our apps. Only trainers can do this. Clients can, however, see demos or information links. They can also add these foods or exercises to diets or foods they are logging if they are granted permission by their trainer. As always, clients can also create their own food lists and exercise lists on the website at if their trainer has granted permission for this option.

Personal Trainer Exercise Demo Video in Exercise LIst and Info links in Food List.
Clients now can view the Exercise List and Food list. Trainers are still the only users that can update these lists.

Exercise Demo Videos and Food Info Links

We also recently added the feature to view any personal trainer exercise demo video or food info links right on the Edit Exercise or Edit Food screen. This makes it easy for trainers and clients to view the demos or info links without having to add the exercise or food to a workout / diet first. Just click the view button on the screen:

Personal Trainer Exercise Demo Video View Button
If you or your client want to see an exercise video demo, just click the “View” button on the Edit Exercise screen.

Adding Exercises and Foods to Personal Trainer Library

We recently updated the interface for adding exercise or foods to your library. We have improved these screens so that you can now update exercise or foods using a modal window. In contrast, previously fitness coaches had to edit these items in place. This gives users more room to enter information and allows them to see everything they are entering better. This is especially helpful when entering a long personal trainer exercise demo video link.

Personal Trainer Exercise Demo Video Website Exercise Library Entry
Modal windows make entering or updating exercises and foods easier.

Custom Branded Fitness App for Personal Trainers


Have you ever wanted your own mobile Fitness App? The ability to offer clients your own app would take your business to the next level and add a professional touch to stand out from the competition. FitSW now offers a custom branded fitness App for personal trainers. Personal Trainers can combine their brand with all the features on FitSW’s app to have it all packaged professionally in a customized app.

Custom Branded Fitness App allows you to have your very own logo app icon.
Get your very own custom branded fitness app for you and your clients to use. Your app will show your logo and an app icon with your logo.

Benefits of a Custom Branded Fitness App

Having your own fitness app is more than just being able to brag that you have your own app on the Google Play or Apple App store (although that is kinda cool too). In addition, there are four key ways your own custom branded app benefits your business:


Your own custom app allows you to personalize your client’s experience with an app that has your branding. It gives your clients access to an app made just for them and you are the one to give them access to it. This type of personalization increases client retention and is appealing to new clients.


Your own custom branded app can help your business look even more professional. For instance, your very own app on the app store shows existing and potential clients that your business is polished and professional. As a result, this can help you stand out from the competition.

Brand Strengthening

A customized app with all your personal training business logos really helps grow your brand awareness among client and potential customers. With your brand highlighted through each interaction with the app, clients will connect even more with your business’ brand.


A fully featured, polished fitness app these days costs tens of thousands of dollars to develop. Instead, with FitSW’s custom branded app for personal trainers, you can have all of the functionality you need along with your brand for a low one-time fee. FitSW’s fee is just $99 for Android and $199 for iOS. You can do one app or both.

Custom Branded Fitness App Features

FitSW’s Custom app includes all the features of the regular FitSW App and customizes the following:

  • We add your logo for the App Icon and Login screen. We will replace all FitSW logos with your Logo.
  • Your chosen app name instead of FitSW.

After payment ($99 for Android, $199 for iOS), your app will be on the Google Play / Apple App store within 1 to 2 weeks. In order to signup for the Custom App, you just need to login to and then click on “Custom App” under the “Account” menu. There you can select the Custom App or Apps you would like to purchase. More information on FitSW’s Custom Branded Fitness Apps.

Customized Website Options

We also offer personal trainers and fitness coaches the opportunity to customize the website. We will replace the FitSW logo in the upper left of the website with your logo. Therefore, anytime you or any of your clients view you will see your logo instead of FitSW. We offer this option for a $50 one-time cost.

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